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Klave Technical Solutions specialises in the design and development of websites for businesses and individuals. By providing a full feature service from start to finish, our clients can have their perfect website designed and produced at a competitive cost, and get a phenomenal end product. The service continues after production, as digital hosting and administration support along with ongoing development long after the initial contract concludes.

Klave Design

Responsive Design Chart

We use modern design tools for framing, graphic design and illustration, allowing us to maintain a fully responsive chassis in compliance with web standards. Our designs are media rich, and we tailor our styles to fit any genre, be it a personal site for you to show of your bakery skills, or a law firm seeking to maintain a edge of professionalism.  

Our design services include, website design, graphic design, logo design, script design and database design.

At times, we use local freelance photographers to get "that perfect image" for our projects.

Klave Development


The development of websites is a long and ongoing process, dealing with the functionality and security of the site. Development begins during the design process, and continues long after the product is rolled out.

We use modern design tools for code production and testing, allowing us to maintain a fully responsive framework. Our basic tool set is HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript; but with more complex applications we dive heavily into PHP5, and  interface directly with MySQL databases.

For works on billing systems and e-commerce sites, we work with Smarty, C++, C# and visual basic. Thanks to these skills we can also offer state of the art application design services. If you require a web application to be developed, please contact us using the contact buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

Klave Hosting

Dell PowerEdge Range

All our servers are Dell PowerEdge machines, providing steadfast reliability and requiring minimal maintenance. The company servers are located in secured data centres at two major UK cities, with regular backups being shared between them. 

  • 99.99% Uptime as Standard
  • Daily Backups as Standard
  • SSD-Powered
  • Dell & CISCO Hardware
  • OnApp Cloud-Powered
  • Firewall Security Protection

Cloud hosting is an alternative to dedicated server hosting using highly available virtualisation technologies. The hardware on which your web hosting runs is virtualised using OnAPP. OnApp Cloud is an industry-leading Cloud Platform which enables service providers (like us!) to set up and manage public and private clouds using enterprise level hardware. We use only SSD drives in our cloud storage solutions, which reduce power and cooling needs and we are always looking to ensure we provide a green and environmentally friendly service.

Manchester Data Centre
Primary data centre, Manchester

Our primary facility is Turing House, based in Manchester Technopark.  Turing House has four on-site generators with 5 days' supply of fuel, which provides us with full capability to sustain long power outages. A full VESDA system that provides early detection of smoke is in place, so that any potential fire is detected before it can develop.  In the extremely unlikely event that a fire does develop, an FM200 fire suppression system is in place. Manchester Technopark has security on site 24/7 with offsite backup to deal with any major event. CCTV cameras, motion detection and a key fob access system ensure multiple layers of security and peace of mind. The facility houses on-site 24/7 technical support for fast on-site response.

Milton Keynes Data Centre
Secondary data centre, Milton Keynes

Our secondary facility is a data centre located less than 2 miles from the M1 on the edge of Milton Keynes. This data centre is where we host various rack mount servers and our data archive. This facility is protected by CCTV cameras & RFID security doors. With racking to support 60 servers, a diesel generator & UPS Battery backups.

Both facilities boast connection speeds of 100 Gbps up and down, providing a lightning quick service for our customers. 

a note from the author...

I founded Klave Technical Solutions in March 2015 shortly after relocating from my home town of Aberdeen to Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Now I travel all over the country meeting clients and helping them to build the perfect website for their project. I love doing this stuff! The more and more I work with my clients, the more I fall in love with web design. The technologies are constantly evolving, allowing me to practice multiple disciplines every single day. I wouldn't give this up for the world.

"I love doing this stuff! The more and more I work with my clients, the more I fall in love with web design."

To give you a little bit of background about me, I have over six years experience working with modern graphic editing and digital design applications. Over the past five years I have also been studying with the Open University to keep myself up to speed with the latest technologies and tools. In addition to my studies, I also have four years experience as a webmaster, server administrator and website developer.  

If you have any inquiries concerning your website; whether it be a new build, or a revamp of your current design, get in touch with us using the Contact links at the top and bottom of the page. 

Kind regards

Michael D. Mortimer

Klave Technical Solutions
Mobile: 07842 788710

Mill Cottage, Dryburgh
St. Boswells
Scottish Borders, TD6 0RQ